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At the annual employee conference, Project SPICES, Dr. Sarai Koo, provided the key ingredients to align the workforce to be happy, healthy, and motivated. Dr. Koo addressed the importance and ways to exemplify excellence and great character.

A senior employee who had been working in the city for more than 10 years stated that Dr. Koo's presentation was the best out of all the presentations he heard in the city. He even stated that he was going to change starting tomorrow because he was so motivated.

challenge and result

Many companies and agencies experience difficulty with their employees. Some examples include: hiring and retaining top talent, making sure employees exude great customer service and attitude, motivating employees to be their best, adjusting to change, collaborating among different people, and improving workplace culture.

At Project SPICES, we have the knowledge and skills to transform people’s mindsets. By understanding and identifying root issues, Dr. Koo was able to deliver a unique and great product to the City of Cerritos.

Business, Community, and Engagement Event

New National Workforce Development Efforts: President Obama’s Job-Driven Training Initiative and the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014

Project SPICES, MAPS 4 College, and the City of Cerritos coordinated a county-wide event to invite Ben Seigel, Former Senior Policy Advisor/Deputy Director from the Department of Labor, speak on youth employment, apprenticeship, immigrant integration, grants, and other skills related work.

Mr. Seigel provided us with insightful workforce development information. At this event, he discussed innovative approaches to create new internships, collaborative grant writing opportunities, job opportunities, and training programs. He also shared with us a new approach to align ourselves with WIOA by establishing LA as the innovative county to unite for people, businesses, and communities.

Project SPICES reached out to new and existing partners. In attendance were Presidents of colleges and universities, Chamber of Commerce leaders, business CEOs, and more.

“Connecting in California” – MAPS appeared on Department of Labor’s newsletter that circulated to more than 300,000 people. Read a summary about our event.


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