Revolutionize Your Life and Your Company

Empower yourself and your team to reach their MAXIMUM POTENTIAL

And steer your business towards a future of unparalleled success

Culture Change

improve your culture

Facilitation and Training

Improve your people

IDEAS Program

redefining dei - doing it the real and right way

Group and Team Coaching

Extend the benefits of coaching to a wider audience

Leadership Development

All the best leadership skills you'll ever need

Emotional Intelligence

It's not just a program; it's a transformational journey towards wisdom and emotional intelligence

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Align with your destined purpose - realize who you were always meant to be and achieve your fullest potential

1. True identity

Discover your TRUE IDENTITY. It's more than skin deep!

2. true purpose

We use our proprietary methodology to help you uncover your TRUE PURPOSE in life. Your purpose is the one you were destined to live out.


Find the path you are supposed to live out AFTER you discover your TRUE IDENTITY and PURPOSE

Assessment Services


Take one of our assessments

(for yourself or as a group)


Schedule coaching sessions


Uncover what the assessment revealed

Choose Your Assessment

Hogan, DiSC, MBTI, FIRO-B, Influence Style Indicator, Change Style Indicator, Change Navigator, EQ-i, 360, Strong and more!

Pay and Take the Assessment

Each assessment has different time completions.

Schedule Coaching Sessions

Schedule a few coaching sessions so we can go over the assessment(s)

Go Over Your Assessment

Go over the assessment results. We then work on a success plan.

We have an array of Assessment options for you


Our Customers Love What We Do For Their Businesses!!

. . . And now, after Project Spices... I don't have the inner pain that used to be a part of me all the time. . .




. . . SPICES offers a series of techniques that help customers start to expose what exist within them that keeps them from moving forward. The unique relationship and empathy you display as a trainer and mentor allows customers to freely explore the “junk” that keeps them from succeeding.


Executive Director


. . . SPICES can change everything, the way we interact with each other, the way we handle situations, even the way we love ourselves. SPICES has the potential to create a better tomorrow, especially in a time when I look at my surrounding peers and see nothing but lost, unmotivated youth that don’t love themselves and use other things and people to find that love. SPICES can be the game changer





What is Project SPICES main focus?

At Project SPICES, we are dedicated to providing life-changing programs and services for both individuals and companies. We firmly believe that true change originates from within, and we offer transformative SPICES methodologies designed to drive behavioral shifts and enhance company culture

Do you provide discounts on group training and/or bulk service/program orders?

Yes, we do. Connect with us.

Are there any differences between online, pre-recorded, and live facilitated trainings?

Bottom line - yes. We want to ensure that all of our modalities are available for anyone and everyone. Nonetheless, our true strength and unique offering is when we deliver LIVE.

Which program do I start right away?

We encourage everyone to start with our Project SPICES Intro program as a foundational step. From there, the choice is yours. You can opt to delve deeper into a specific area such as Emotional Intelligence, undergo a leadership assessment, or immerse yourself in our comprehensive Human Development program.

Business Marketing Improvement


20 Lessons Learned from Sales/Marketing Experts

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