SPICES Makes People Happy

Can happiness be taught? Dr. Koo, Chief Visionary from Project SPICES believes so. 

“Using the SPICES Paradigm, people can learn why they are not happy and how to redirect their thought patterns to become happy inside out,” Dr. Koo says. 

Happiness is most sought out by people, especially companies. Walter Frick, wrote “Companies in Happy Cities Invest More for the Long Term” on June 9, 2015, on the Harvard Business Publishing website.  and Project SPICES agrees with Frick. Click here for more information.

Project SPICES agrees with Frick. SPICES is able to educate and train people to think and live a happier life. People cannot see happiness, but he/she can feel it. SPICES takes people into this happy place without drugs, alcohol or any legal or illegal substance. All we do is to help people become aware of themselves,  think about their life choices, and take responsibility for their actions. 

Join the SPICES Happy Movement!  Email info@projectSPICES.com. Write “Happy Movement” on the subject line.