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Why Project SPICES?

We are all human beings in need of direction and purpose. Without a vision, people can feel lost. From a young age, I embarked on a journey to uncover the missing pieces of our human potential, our destined purpose, and more.

As a lifelong learner with hands-on experience across various industries, extensive research, and over 70 degrees, certifications, certificates, and trainings, Project SPICES was born. It stands as one of the most comprehensive human development programs and services, targeting the very essence of the human spirit.

Project SPICES integrates the most effective, tried-and-true approaches to facilitate real change. Since creating the first SPICES model (Project SPICES Transformational Model) in 2006, I have had the privilege of training thousands of individuals.

Why choose Project SPICES?

It's time to be the change and make a meaningful difference wherever we go.