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Welcome to Project SPICES, where we specialize in delivering concrete outcomes that drive business success.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your workforce and achieve results that directly impact your bottom line?

Let us SPICE up your people and company culture, driving tangible business benefits through our tailored coaching and consulting services


Unveil Your Full Potential to Unlock Your Path to Success (happy, healthy and whole)

Become the TRUE version of DESTINED self

Embrace Your True Self: Mastering Your Unique Ingredients for Success.


Maximize Your Talent Pool

Reduce Turnover, Increase Retention

Cultivate a winning culture rooted in IDEAS (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Sustainability)

Ready to Drive Business Success?


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Empower your team to reach their MAXIMUM POTENTIAL

Dr. Sarai Koo

Founder and Chief Visionary/IDEAS Officer

Our Story

Since 1993, Dr. Sarai Koo has been on a mission to create SPICES. Crafting the SPICES acronym in 2006 and launching Project SPICES in 2007 marked pivotal moments in her journey.

With a wealth of experience as a human developmentalist, Dr. Sarai Koo holds over 70 degrees, certifications, certificates, and trainings. Her tireless pursuit of wisdom has resulted in the creation of a groundbreaking model, methodology, and training program that resonate globally.

SPICES draws inspiration from a diverse array of concepts, including the rainbow, DNA regeneration, neuroplasticity, neuroscience, quantum physics, ancient wisdom, and the essence of life itself.

Dr. Koo's trainings offer a new paradigm, empowering individuals to embrace their true selves and fulfill their destinies.

Our Offerings

Tailored solutions for your needs.

Speaking and Facilitation

Experience the Difference with Project SPICES™ - Where True Transformation Begins.

Our speaking and facilitation content is meticulously crafted to resonate deeply with each unique audience. Tailored to your specific needs, our words have the power to penetrate deep within your soul, igniting profound change.

Uncover the Art of Effective Facilitation through Our Comprehensive Training Programs.


Our program offers personalized coaching services tailored to serve both your personal growth and business goals.

We provide an array of coaching styles, including leadership, group, life, fitness, and more.

Whether you aim to overcome personal barriers, enhance leadership skills, or supercharge business strategies, count on us. Each session is thoughtfully crafted to meet your unique needs, guiding you on the road to success.

Customize your path and embark on the journey to triumph with our expert guidance.


Unlock growth and savings with our tailored strategies and solutions designed to improve your company culture.

By fostering a productive and inclusive environment, you can boost your revenue, reduce expenses, and ultimately save money.

Our comprehensive approach focuses on cultivating a sense of belonging among your team, driving productivity and efficiency throughout your organization.

Interviewer, host, Emcee, and More

With years of experience as interviewers and emcees, we specialize in creating psychologically safe spaces for audience members to engage, enjoy, and learn.

See What Our Clients Say About Us

J.D., Top Business Leader

As an entrepreneur and business leader I have attended multiple life coaching programs that pale in comparison to that of Sarai’s program. Sarai leads with distinction, passion, and most importantly, her heart.

V.W., Life Coach

Sarai Koo is what I call a “no-nonsense coach”. She has a keen ability to pinpoint the root issue, identify the solution(s) and walk a person right through to a transformational outcome. Great at seeing behind the veils we sometimes unknowingly put up, Sarai helps draw the curtains back so that life can be lived to the fullest. . . As a life coach myself, I can honestly say that her integrity is above reproach and that Sarai is the most effective coach with whom I have ever worked. ​

Darryl, District Director

Department of Public Social Services

A survey was conducted of the attendees to get their feedback regarding the conference. One of the first questions asked was "What did you like most about the Conference"? I am pleased to state that # 1 activity attendees enjoyed the most was your presentation. What makes the response even more qualifying is that there we no pre-selected answers to choose from, it was simply a free form question and response.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions answered.

How do we hire you as a speaker?

Securing a member of Project SPICES as your speaker is a straightforward process. Start by obtaining a copy of Dr. Sarai Koo's speaker kit, then simply complete the Speaker Form. Whether you prefer an in-person or virtual presentation, we'll work closely with you to determine the best fit for your company's needs.

What coaching options do you provide?

We offer a range of coaching options tailored to your needs. Our offerings include personalized 1:1 coaching programs for leaders and managers. Additionally, we provide team/group coaching sessions aimed at fostering inclusivity and belonging. The number of coaching sessions can be customized to suit your specific requirements, so feel free to inquire about the options available to you.

Do you offer one-time services or ongoing

content management packages?

The coaching program includes one free hour for a 'get to know you' session and 10 sessions. Additionally, we offer a FREE BONUS: you are invited to participate in 12 monthly training/Q&A sessions (open forum or pre-recorded trainings). Please note that you are free to opt out of the FREE bonus. The fee structure will not change. We encourage you to connect and delve deep into various topics.

What assessments do you offer?

We provide a wide range of assessments tailored to meet your needs, including DiSC, Emotional Intelligence (EQ- 2.0 and 360), 360 assessments, Change Style Indicator, Change Navigator, Influence Style Indicator, Hogan, MBTI, FIRO-B, and many others.

What signature programs do you offer?

Explore our signature programs designed to drive impactful change, including IDEAS (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Sustainability), the Full Human Development Program, Emotional Intelligence, and the Wo+Man Up Academy.

What programs and services do you offer larger groups - companies?

We specialize in a range of services to support your growth and development, including team/group coaching, leadership coaching, leadership development programs, culture change seminars, speaking engagements, and facilitated discussions on various people and business topics.

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