Project SPICES is an international consulting agency that empowers businesses with key strategies to penetrate the ethnic markets in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. 

How do you do this?

We use the SPICES Paradigm™!

SPICES is a paradigm, a set of concepts, methodology, and approach to help people become their True selves. 

SPICES centers on theories developed by Dr. Koo—SPICES theories™,  Multidimensional Integration of the Whole Self™ theory, and The WAT™. 

SPICES theory™ is a set a concepts that help people love themselves and others, become balanced from inside out, and restore relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

Multidimensional Integration of the Whole Selftheory and approach. This theory examines how people can stay authentically themselves without being affected by people, environment, and circumstances. 

The WAT – uncovers how people are affected by society, media, people, and anything seen or unseen.

The SPICES Approach™

The SPICES approach enables people to become balanced and restored from birth to death. Individuals overcome their perceived vulnerabilities to discover resiliency, joy, compassion, and satisfaction. Negative elements, such as anxiety, stress, anger, impatience, frustration, depression, jealousy, rejection, and bitterness disappear. When S-P-I-C-E-S is in balance, we see a transformation and it helps people live productive lives.

Multidimensional Integration of the Whole Self Approach 

Multidimensional Integration of the Whole Self approach helps people become genuine and authentic without having to create a front, be prideful, or display their trophies (e.g. money, status, titled position, color of one’s skin). People can be their true selves inside and outside of home.

The WAT™

The WAT helps people become aware of how they have been affected by society and others. They learn how The WAT works. When The WAT is taught, they cannot go back to living their current lives—they will want to change who they are and their outlook on life. The WAT is important in helping people become their multidimensional whole selves using the SPICES approach.



SPICES is a way for people to understand Love and to live their lives with Love. When people have Love, they are able to forgive and be easily forgiven, treat others as themselves, be at rest, be balanced inside out, walk the talk, focus on cultivating their True Identity, pursue their lives with their True Purpose by staying on their True Path.

SPICES people are compassionate, patient, confident, full of joy, emotionally stable, and content.  Despite barriers, they are conscious of what is happening, so they are able to overcome obstacles. They are adaptable, able to communicate from their heart (deeper than the surface layer).

SPICES people understand other people’s feelings and thoughts.  They are resourceful, trustworthy, authentic, collaborative, and cooperative.  They refrain from being prideful, insecure, jealous, angry, upset, quick-tempered. They do not use people or substances to fill their void.  They choose rather NOT to get into arguments and seek instant gratification.

Overall, SPICES enables people to become balanced and restored from birth to death.  They are in positive relationships, live healthy lifestyles, and are mentally healthy. Individuals overcome their perceived vulnerabilities to discover resiliency, joy, compassion, and satisfaction. Negative elements, such as anxiety, stress, anger, impatience, frustration, depression, jealousy, rejection, and bitterness disappear.  When SPICES is in balance, people live productive lives.

Food Tastes Best with SPICES

SPICES can be the spices used to make food items
When people make a food dish, they use a variety of ingredients to make food ranging from really bad to extraordinaire.  The right ingredients, the perfect timing, and approach can make a dish exquisite.  This is the same with SPICES.   SPICES provides people with the right ingredients to transform them to live quality lives.  The information is seasoned at the right time by using our innovative SPICES approach.

SPICES Gives Your Tastebuds a Boost
Even though everything in the world has its own unique flavor, the human tongue can sense only 5 tastes (sweet, sour, bitter, salty, umami). Just as culinary spices add the missing ingredients to balance out the basic flavors of foods, Project SPICES’ unique paradigm provides the tools to balance out individuals and communities to be happy, healthy, optimistic, resilient and loving.

EXPERIENCE: People can rave about how awesome a dish is, but until people taste it, they can’t really say it’s delicious.   Yelp® is helpful to a certain extent.  This is the same as SPICES.  Our SPICES testimonials can demonstrate how much our past clients have changed; however, their words cannot truly show how much SPICES have affected them. One of our clients only received 10% of SPICES, and he changed 70-80% of his life!  Is this true?  The only way to find out is for new people to experience SPICES.  SPICES needs to be experienced.  


TASTE: Talking about an awesome dish is different from tasting it.  Also, two people who taste the same dish may have two different reactions.People who taste SPICES in the same program, at the same time, and in the same room have different transformational experiences. SPICES is general, but very individualized.  This is because each individual has certain areas that need to be transformed.SPICES – – – you can’t hear about it. You have to taste it.  

SPICES is like DNA



You can’t see it, but every human being has a DNA code in every human cell, which is located in the nucleus (and in the mitochondria).  The human code will determine the maintenance of one’s life. The DNA has four chemical bases: adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), and thymine (T).  A is paired with T, and C is paired with G.  These DNA are structured like a double-helix and it is spiral-like.  They are tightly packaged into a form called chromosome. We human beings are estimated to have about 3 billion bases, and about 99% of the bases are similar to each other.

SPICES, like a DNA, is a coding system found inside the hidden compartment of SPICES people.  Just as how DNA cannot be seen with the naked eye, it is the same with SPICES.The six letters, S-P-I-C-E-S, is structured in the form of a double-helix and it is spiral-like. The letters form a coding system that reveal the character, attitude, personality, and behavior of people. When people experience and become changed by SPICES, their old coding system (e.g. attitude, character, demeanor, personality, habits) changes. The old self is gone and they are renewed with SPICES.

SPICES is Based on Colors


SPICES is based on the colors of the visual spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.)  Whereas the DNA is packaged in chromosomes, the same occurs with SPICES. Chromo means color and soma means body.  The hidden compartment (center) is the color white. When all the colors of the rainbow are combined, the color white appears.


SPICES people are to reflect the convergence of all colors (white) when speaking with different people and when situated in diverse settings. SPICES people at this state can be balanced, poised, focused, and productive. When SPICES have mastered this balance, they are compassionate, patience, loving, motivated, and self-controlled.In the journey to integrate the colors to shine the white light, people will reflect certain colors when speaking with diverse groups of people in various environments. The spiral-like structure represents how the human life, and in particular, the SPICES journey is cyclical and process-oriented.Tasting SPICES does not mean people are dramatically changed. With the desire to chang, the skills and resources received, and SPICES master coach, people can be transformed for the best.

SPICES is a service oriented, skill building program to help people thrive in life and produce long lasting results.  These results exist because we invest in people’s visions and purposes by creating paths and opportunities.  We help them target and remove root issues that prevent them from getting to where they need to go. We empower people by providing them the how-to strategies to overcome obstacles and barriers.

SPICES gets to the root of an individuals talents, challenges, and skill sets to bring about a complete transformation that is inherent to each person. SPICES acts as a catalyst to ignite people to create a new path consistent with their innate DNA and flavor.  Instead of dealing with fleeting symptoms that only graze the surface, SPICES deals with them head on to uncover hidden issues and empower individuals through a proven, process oriented, practical strategy to effectively take control of one’s life.