More than ever, talent development is key to sustain the viability of companies. Talent development includes training, career development, organizational development, and training. 

Maintaining a positive, collaborative company culture with motivated talented who are effective and efficient is the foundation for any thriving company. 

At Project SPICES, we focus on developing and managing talent. We use a proprietary methodology to help employers and employees be at the optimal level. 

Synergize Your Workplace

Our signature, comprehensive program helps employees and employers to synergistically work together to solve complex issues, build a sense of community, improve work productivity, increase internal motivation, possess quality customer service skills, and communicate effectively to serve the community and its constituents. Time: 1 year program

Engagement and Motivation Program

Our programs help companies save money by focusing on the most important budget line item: human capital. We help motivate, revive, and engage employees to not only increase work productivity but also have positive attitudes. Time: minimum 40 hours or 6 months

Attitude, Behavior, and Character Alignment (A.B.C.’s)

We train people to maintain strong values and ethics by focusing on their foundation—their A. B. and C’s. Employees are taught why their A.B.C’s are not consistent at work, home, and personal life. We then teach them how-to change their way of thinking, doing, and living to uphold positive attitudes, balanced behavior, and strong character. This program will not only transform the way people work, but also change their personal lives. Time: 6-12 month program

Soft Skills, EQ, and People Skills

Our signature customer service program centers around soft skills. We believe people can transform their lives if they have great soft skills.  Our program targets the core—finding and taking out the root issues that cause people to not obtain authentic, last lasting communication, emotional, and interpersonal skills. Time: minimum 6 months

Workshops and Seminars

If you are interested in our comprehensive programs, but do not have the budget and time, we provide a taste of our programs through our workshops and seminars. Our work and topics are customizable to fit your company’s needs, so email us for more information. Time: 1 hour to 4 days