Multiple Ways Project SPICES Partners with Agencies, Businesses, and Corporations:

Do You Desire to Retain or Hire Happy, Positive, Motivated Employees?

We provide programs and services to empower people to reach their maximum potential in the workplace, provide soft skills (“people skills”) training to individuals, and secure positive and motivated candidates for your company.

Realign with Company’s Mission, Vision, and Values

We work with companies to develop intercultural competencies.  We work WeOur services are designed to go deeper and provide long-lasting solutions that cultivate company mission, vision, and values. Using the SPICES approach, we can pinpoint employees’ apparent and hidden distractions at the deepest level and provide integrative solutions that will dramatically change their lives.


Staff Development

We provide programs and services to help people maximize their human potential and take a proactive role in the workplace resulting in productive employees who have vision and purpose. Our services help employees and employers synergistically work together to solve complex issues, build a sense of community, improve work productivity, increase internal motivation, possess quality customer service skills, and communicate effectively to serve the community and its constituents.




We partner with businesses that uphold SPICES values and principles. Companies adequately pay for what people are worth (above living wage for all employees). We then introduce businesses to healthy, happy, and committed people who have gone through the SPICES program. They are trained, especially in their soft skill sets. SPICES people are unique individuals who will Synergize Your Workplace™; thus improving the quality of lives for employees and employers..