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Most people are influenced by others and society—most often morphing them into their partial selves that do not bring long-lasting joy and happiness in their lives. Many people seek to define themselves and/or create an image based on their skin color, clothes, titled positions, money/wealth, socioeconomic status, personality, ethnic/racial background.  This is that is only on the surface, temporary, and unfulfilling.  Unfortunately, their true selves are not found by being influenced by external means.

Our personalized SPICES coaches will help you become aware of how people and society have influenced your thoughts, feelings, decisions, and more. Using the SPICES theory™, the Multidimensional Integration of the Whole Self™ theory, and The WAT™, we will work with you to discover your True Identity from the depths of your core.


When people discover their true selves, it is not enough. People are seeking to find their life purpose—why they were born and for what purpose. People attend school, college, and jobs hoping to find what they enjoy and are supposed to do. Sometimes, the decisions they have made have led them to pursue jobs and careers that may or may not align with their True Purpose.

Our SPICES coaches will help you to not only realign with your True Identity, but also discover your True Purpose. Finding what you are meant to do saves you time, money, and yourself from making mistakes and leading you down the wrong path.


Though people may have discovered who they are and what they are supposed to do, they are often stuck. The questions, “What do I do now?” “How do I get there?” and “Is this the path I’m supposed to walk on?” are often roaming their minds. People sometimes see their end goal and become stuck because they do not know what to do next, where to go, and how to do it. These questions often hinder people from living the life they are supposed to live and fulfilling their True Purpose. If your human life journey is like a maze, multiple paths are readily available, but there is only one path that will take you to the end. When you are starting on your life path, it is difficult to determine if you are on the right path. Each path leads to a certain outcome, many of which are dead-ends (e.g. dead-end job, relationship, decisions, answers). The only way to finish this maze requires you to choose the right path that does not lead you to these dead-ends. The question I ask: Which road are you on—dead end path or the right path? With the end in mind, our SPICES coaches guide you to drive on the best path that will help you to finish the race strong.

How do we do this?

With a nudge here, advice there, we combine specific ingredients that will make you extraordinary, highlight the best path you are supposed to pursue; answer deep-rooted, complex human questions many people have not been able to answer; and provide practical strategies to help you transform your lives—forever.

Our SPICES coaching approach is one-of-a-kind.

Conventional therapies and self-help programs target specific behaviors and habits that impede living the complete life. SPICES does not just target impediments but rather, purposefully focuses first on the whole person behind the life they are living and applies proven strategies to release and nurture that wholeness. Through coaching completion, we work together with our clients, charting new paths to recognize and actualize their complete selves. In essence, we help people thrive in life from the depths of their core.