Chief Visionary

Dr. Sarai Koo is the founder of the company. Her passion is to train, mobilize, and reinvest in people and communities.

John Pietro

Chief Marketing Officer of Fortune 500 Companies like Wendy’s, Denny’s

Agency Experience: General Manager of Alcone Marketing Group, an Omnicom Agency. Started and operated his own agency AMP for 12 years then sold to larger agency.
Consulting Experience: Worked as Marketing Consultant for brands like Coca Cola, Cinnabon, Exide, Aramark and Dietrich’s Coffee
SCORE Counselor for 6 years, Volunteer counseling for over 600 small businesses.
John has seen every aspect of business in his 40 years. He makes complex things simple, he has taught Marketing and gives seminars on Marketing to small business owners.
John is a true entrepreneur who has helped hundreds of businesses improve their sales.
Intercultural Business Consultant

“Proven record in identifying solutions for troubled capital markets” 


Dr. Greg Tanaka holds an MBA from Harvard University, Ph.D.s in education and anthropology from UCLA, and a J.D. from Georgetown University. He coined the term “Intercultural Education,” created the first intercultural university campus in the U.S., assisted 25 businesses and institutions that sought to shift their current model to an intercultural framework, and raised millions through federal, private and foundation grants. 

Serving as a mentor to emerging scholars and entrepreneurs, he writes and teaches in the areas of democratic renewal, agency and subject formation, applied systemic research, culture and performativity, race and ethnicity, economic reform, and mutual immanence. 

Dr. Tanaka has also held the following leadership positions:

  • North American Coordinator for the Himalayan Consensus Institute in Bhutan
  • Associate Dean/Acting Dean, William S. Richardson School of Law at the University of Hawaii
  • Deputy Public Defender and State Appeals Chief, Office of Public Defender, State of Hawaii
  • Acting President, International Savings and Loan, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Associate Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, Harvard Business School
  • President of the Council on Anthropology and Education, American Anthropological Association
  • Associate Dean and Director of Student Development Services, Loyola Marymount University
  • Assistant to the President and Chief Diversity Officer, Loyola Marymount University
  • Operations Research Analyst, Office of the Secretary, U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
  • Chief Regulator, State Cable Television Division, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, State of Hawaii
  • Assistant to the Chair, World Arts & Cultures Program and Department of Dance, UCLA
  • Visiting Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education & Information Studies, UCLA, and
  • Visiting Distinguished Fellow, Instituto McLaren de Pedagogia Critica y Educacion Popular


Organizational/Entertainment Consultant
With an MBA in organizational development, she has not only launched entertainment businesses, but she is an active actress, producer, writer, and model. Lina’s extensive resume includes great companies, such as Lexus, MSN, Sony, Universal Pictures, Chevrolet, Hilton, and PGA Tour. Besides being excellent both on and off camera, Lina is not only a very beautiful Asian American actress and model in Hollywood but also an accomplished businesswoman. 
Lina is fluent in English and Cantonese. She is an advocate for children, education, and women’s rights. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, AFTRA, and MBA Women International. 
Organization Consultant

Dr. George D. Taylor is an organization/management consultant providing executive leadership and coaching to shape the 21st century diverse workforce environment. He works in partnership with individuals, corporations, agencies, and educational institutions, in particular, with the African American community.

Dr. Taylor has expertise in organizational development, strategic planning, institutional communication, budgeting, leadership development, and executive administration. He has taught university level courses on the subject of organization, supervision and leadership; he has influenced quality enhancements in executive management, policy development, marketing/public relations, and education.

National and international consultation and coaching on issues of Authority, Leadership and Organizational Life, Strategic Planning and Management, Human Resource Recruitment and Retention Strategies, Managing Diversity, Managing the Process of Change, and Creating Learning Organizations have included:

  • Ministry of Education, Republic of South Korea; Instituto Tecnologico Y De Estudios Superiores De Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico; Ministry of Education, Bureau of International Cultural and Educational Relations, Republic of China on Taiwan; Ministry of Radio, Television and Film, Beijing Broadcasting Institute, Beijing, Xi`an, Hanjzhou, Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China: a group in Manama, Bahrain; and St. Antony’s College-Oxford University, International Roundtable on Residential Living.
  • Coppin State College; Illinois State University; University of Alabama; West Los Angeles College; Wichita State University; and, Wilder’s Preparatory Academy Charter School.
  • Influenced quality enhancements in executive management, policy development, marketing/public relations, and education. Created programs that brought together coalitions of private citizens, businesspersons, city and county officials, students, and university officials to form partnerships for mutual benefit; and, served in executive leadership positions in higher education in California and West Virginia.

Dr. Taylor is former Vice President of two large public universities–California State University, Los Angeles and West Virginia University.   He is former chair and vice-chair of the advisory board of the Paralegal Program at West Los Angeles College; current vice chair of the executive board of trustees of Wilder’s Preparatory Academy Charter School, Inglewood, CA. He is editor to the Oracle for Zeta Tau Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., and president and CEO of Zeta Tau Foundation, Inc. Dr. Taylor is also Marketing and Public Relations Chairman of the International Committee on Fatherhood and Mentoring for the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Dr. Taylor earned the doctorate in Educational Administration, Illinois State University; master’s and baccalaureate, Tuskegee University. Other study: Institute for Educational Management, Harvard University; Center for the Study of the Person, University of California, San Diego; and, A. K. Rice Institute for the Study of Authority, Leadership, and Organizational Life.

Facilitator and Coach

Ms. Hernandez has more than 30 years of experience as an international facilitator and coach who has been working with businesses, schools, agencies, and communities. She has taught executives (e.g. bank executives, doctors, and lawyers) and is currently the parent specialist for the Investing in Innovation federal grant to educate and empower adults to develop leadership skills using the community learning theory in partnership with the San Bernardino County Superintendent of School (SBCSS) and Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE). Her former experience includes curriculum development (e.g. redesigning language programs for universities), editor for Pearson Longman, interlocutor for Cambridge, and high school counselor. She is heavily involved and networked with the Latino market and fluent in Spanish and English.

International Liaison

Agnes Kim, M.S.W. is committed to bridging businesses globally, Agnes is a sought out international mediator and translator.  She is the Bilingual Korean International Business Liaison of the governmental agency of the Chung Nam Province for the Republic of Korea. Ms. Kim is the current Vice Chair for Young Emerging Leaders of the Korea Women’s International Network (KOWIN) and the Young Ambassador of the Asian American and Pacific Islander Faith Alliance.

In this capacity, she attended the White House Briefing on Asian American issues in Washington, D. C. in 2014. She will be meeting the South Korean President summer 2015 at the Blue House in Seoul. Ms. Kim not only establishes relationships with high-powered officials with the U.S. federal government and in Asia, she has traveled to Ghana and has collaborated with governmental high chiefs, local teachers, community members, and students in the province of Atebubu, where she deepened her knowledge of international policy and social issues. Further, she is part of the executive team for the Cultural Foundation of America (CFA).

She has a bachelor’s degree in International Political Science and a master’s degree in Social Work. She uses her educational background and work experience to engage diverse populations not only locally but also internationally.

International Sales Consultant

Mr. Hernandez is the International Latin Liaison and Strategic Sales Consultant.  In less than two years, Mr. Hernandez turned a textile business into a multi-million dollar company. He was former President of two companies in Mexico, and wherever he went, people knew who he was. His expertise is in increasing company revenues through sales and strategic partnerships. He comes with more than 40 years of experience in the textile industry to help companies penetrate the Latin market and increase sale revenue.

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Hollie Freeman

Hollie Freeman is the Senior Executive Assistant with more than 10 years of administrative experience reporting to CEO and top executives.

Kumiko Hinde

Kumiko Hinde is the Accounting Assistant/Payroll Technician for this team.

Julio Cesar (JC) Enriquez

Julio Cesar (JC) Enriquez brings to the team more than 30 years of managerial experience.

Patricia Eskenazi

Patricia Eskenazi has numerous years of office managerial, non-profit management, and sales experience.

Sam Ekladious

Sam Ekladious has a master’s degree in electrical engineering and has more than 15 years of experience as a network specialist.

Patricia Rodriguez

Patricia Rodriguez is a dental assistant with experience in back office and front office.

Lauro Cabral

Lauro Cabral is the video editor, and previously worked as a VOD Encoder utilizing FCP 7, Digital Rapids and Icr Amber Fin.

Marie (Maria) Tavares

With more than 20 years in the fashion industry, Marie’s passion led her to help people in the healthcare industry.