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  • Sarai Koo

    Founder & CEO

    Sarai is the Founder and Chief Visionary of Project SPICES and the creator of SPICES Transformational...

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  • Mike Cho

    Chief Operating Officer

    Being the COO is a tough task. Thankfully Michael joined Project SPICES to man the helm and lead...

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  • Dr. George Taylor

    Executive, Principal Consultant

    Dr. Taylor is an accomplished leader and educational administrator. His skills at creating partnerships...

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I used to hate life. I hated my job, I hated the people I worked with, I hated existing. I hated, felt hopeless, and didn’t want to live. I was a depressed person. I felt like a depressed person, I acted like a depressed person, I felt the hopelessness of a depressed person.
And now, after Project Spices…
I don’t have the inner pain that used to be a part of me all the time…
Now, I am a person who has hope. I am able to think positively. I take on challenges I vowed I would never do. I am able to meet some of the goals I make for myself. I’m not devastated about the goals that I don’t meet; I’m still able to feel hope that I can accomplish those goals.
My job still isn’t easy, but when I drive to work I find that I am still able to have positive thoughts about my life. In addition, a lot of the same situations and the same people that once brought a lot of frustration and hurt, I find that a lot of those things don’t bother me with the same intensity as before. . . . In short, life is better. Before, life was so awful that I thought it was a miracle that I would even put one foot in front of the other. The difference is, even though I am still a work in progress and am still taking things day by day, I feel as though I can walk greater distances…

Educator with Depression for 20 Years
Elementary School Teacher

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